Friday, January 30, 2009

The Functional Bench

This project was also created by junior studio last fall. The bench is made of cardboard panels and is designed to be functional as a place to sit as well as store items in its many compartments. This project was created in Professor Stewart Wessel's junior studio in Fall 2008.

Recycled Benches

The lecture hall lobby area at Quigley 140B received new seating courtesy of the fall junior studio last semester! The seats are made from repurposed cans stacked into cubes and covered with a clear plastic layer to form a solid seat.

These seats were designed in Professor Stewart Wessel's junior design class in Fall 2008.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

School of Architecture Wordle

Wordle: SIU Architecture

The image shown above was created using the Wordle web site. With the Wordle web site, you enter words, copy text, or use web pages to have the applet generate a graphic image for you. Give it a try!

Flying Colors - The Tension Canopy

This junior studio project resulted in the very colorful awning shown in this image. This was suspended by cables over the walkway on the north side of Quigley Hall where it was in full view of the kids who use the playground for the Child Development Laboratory at SIUC.

Walking below the awning was, indeed, a very colorful experience. This was the intention of the designers. The bright colors, moving in the breezes, really excited the kids and caught the attention of a photographer from the regional newspaper, The Southern Illinoisan.

The project seen here was created by Andrew Malinowski, David Oliva, and Greg Perkins in Professor Stewart Wessel's studio.

Got Bags?

Got Bags? In the fall semester, one junior studio explored creative uses of a variety of materials. The project entitled, "Got Bags?" used thousands of plastic shopping bags to create the giant web you see in the image above. SIU alumns will recognize the east entrance to Quigley Hall as the home of the Got Bags? sculpture.

The bags were suspended on wires to form the base to the web. They looped over the top of the covered walkway leading to the building entrance.

This project was created by Toni Lettiere, Jim Schmidt, and Joshua Wolf in Professor Stewart Wessel's studio.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Campus Images

To SIU graduates, the image of the Paul and Virginia fountain is one of the icons of the campus. Located on the Old Main Mall on campus - well, from spring to fall, anway - the fountain was a gift from the class of 1887. Wouldn't it be nice if every graduating class presented something to the campus to stand as a memorial to having been there?

The Paul & Virginia Fountain was featured on Michael Feldman's "Whad'Ya Know?" radio program on June 1, 2002 when the show was broadcast live from Shryock Auditorium, just steps away from the fountain on campus. Listen to the quiz in hour two of the show for the story.

If you heard the broadcast back in 2002, you may remember Bubba, the star of the quiz. Yes, there was a Bubba randomly selected when he called in to play the quiz from southern Illinois. Can you imagine that? Well, as we southerners know, a real Bubba, like the one who called in that day, knows his stuff. He aced the quiz and charmed the radio and live audiences along the way!