Friday, July 10, 2009

Italy in Stonework

2007 SIU architecture graduate Cassandra Grey is working on the restoration of the ca. 1910 Ratliffe Residence in Pikeville, KY. Cassandra works for Summit Engineering in Kentucky.

In the image of the house above, did you notice the stone shaped like Italy that is worked into the masonry? The detail image helps it stand out. The stone mason immigrated to the area from Italy and as a mark of his work, he shaped and placed Italy stones into his work.

The image below is from a church in nearby Whitesburg, KY. Can you find Italy in the stonework here?

Here's a hint -- do not look for just one stone. This Italy is made of seven stones and it's on the lower right below the plaque.
Thanks to Cassandra for sending the images!
If you are an SIU architecture graduate, we'd love to hear from you! JDobbins

Heritage Conservation Network

Several SIU students are spending their summer restoring a shotgun house in historic Cairo, Illinois. Read the story in the Heritage Conservation Newsletter. Architecture student Toni Lettiere is shown scraping paint on the porch in the lower image in the newsletter.

Located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, Cairo has a rich historical tradition. In 2005, Stace England released an album dedicated to songs that tell the story of Cairo. You can hear it at Read the National Public Radio story by Rachel Jones to learn more about Cairo's history.