Friday, September 2, 2011

Studio intro.....

By Sean Hartman

The first week of classes have come and gone. There are many new faces to welcome into the undergraduate program, graduate program and to the faculty. They bring many new teaching methods and techniques to the program. As the semester started we quickly found out what we anticipated of having separate studios working on two different projects was thrown out the door. Instead of working on two separate projects we found out that the whole studio would be working on one project. With this said the positive side to this is that it gives different views and different though processes to our project. I look forward to see what other changes are brought to the Graduate program. Things can only get better from here! This year will be a great year.

On another note, I am currently looking to do my thesis on Advanced Trauma Center Reorganization to improve time on which patrons receive medical attention and to help improve response times on the victims that have sustained life threatening injuries from an accident. I will also be looking into placing a small version trauma center underneath helipads on the hospitals to improve response time of the victims who are life flighted to the hospital. I would like to see if this is possible and how we would go about implementing this type of trauma center into hospitals. I look forward to see where this project takes me as I continue my research on this topic.

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