Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Studio Update....

By Sean Keoting

I’ll begin my blog postings with a brief introduction of myself: My name is Sean Koetting and I am currently a graduate student at Southern Illinois University working on my Masters of Architecture degree. I will be using my blog postings to track and inform you of the work done by myself and fellow classmates throughout our Comprehensive Architectural Design Studio, ARC551.

This semesters, (fall 2011), project aims to revitalize a heavily deteriorated section of downtown East St. Louis, IL which is faced with ever increasing poverty and crime. We are focusing on developing a portion of land near a Metro-Link train station terminal into a “transit village”. This transit village is planned to feature multifamily housing, daycare facilities, health clinic, branch library, career center, history center, head start facility, police substation, big box retailer, boys & girls club, and community recreation center. All of these spaces will be divided amongst three multistory structures which will comprise the master plan.

To begin the project, the studio as a whole was divided into eight groups of three or four individuals, with each group set to design a different master plan to help solve the East St. Louis situation. Along the way each group will also focus on different areas of background research which is presented and shared with the class to benefit everyone’s knowledge and understanding of the context of the site and surrounding areas.

My group’s first investigation was focused on creating a digital presentation and graphical analysis of all things affecting daycare design. We researched everything from code requirements to environmental considerations to the psychological and development needs of children. A few sample slides of our findings are as follows:

Next week’s digital presentation will look into figure ground studies of the site and surrounding context along with a zoning and landuse analysis. I look forward to updating you in two weeks with our findings.

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