Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Right Side

By Brittany Ricker

Hi! My name is Brittany ... I am in the Master's program at SIU but prior to that I attended College Of Dupage and transferred to Bowling Green State University in Ohio (not Kentucky) to get my Bachelors Degree. I loved experiencing what each school had to offer which is why I took the route I did. It might also be that I don't enjoy staying in one place for too long. I have taken every opportunity to travel as well...whether it was just a weekend trip for AIAS or study abroad programs. The most memorable trip would have to be a spontaneous spring "break" trip traveling to over 10 cities in 9 days..best experience by far!!! 

I thought I'd take the time to discuss a book I recently had the chance to read..

 A Whole New Mind - Daniel H. Pink
If you get the chance take the time to read this book..it's awesome !! (In my opinion...)

"The future belongs to a different kind of person" - Daniel H. Pink 

"Designers, inventors, teachers, storytellers -- creative and empathetic right-brain thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn't." Pink argues that we are living in a different time where "thinking different" may be valued even more than ever. Think about it... We are living in a world with rapid increase in automation and outsourcing. Those jobs that everyone wanted us to be when we grew up (doctor, computer programmer, lawyer, accountant...etc.) all have a characteristic that isn't necessarily a good "stand-alone" characteristic anymore. Those were the careers that were considered "secure" but there is beginning to be a huge shift in what is considered to be "secure" careers. Just think...if you go through, say the Architecture program and actually submerge yourself and take the time to learn programs/techniques/research methods ...when you leave school a variety of options are available that you can apply yourself to. Not to say becoming a doctor/computer programer etc. aren't great careers but unless you're able to break the routine aspect of those types of jobs...they will be jobs that are done cheaper overseas and/or a computer will do it faster. 

A few questions popped out that seemed relevant that can either spark discussion or just something to ask yourself..

-- Consider the three questions Pink poses regarding your current work: Can someone overseas do it cheaper? Can a computer do it faster? Am I offering something that satisfies the non material, transcendent desires of an abundant age? Does your work pass the three-part test? --

Currently, the Master's students are on site visits in Chicago, Illinois and Grand Rapids, Michigan.  While in Grand Rapids we had the opportunity to tour the back of house areas of JW Marriott Hotel. One interesting part (besides being on the roof helicopter pad!!) was the laundry facility...It was shocking to see how small the laundry facility actually was but makes sense because everything is so automated. Just to understand how different that part of a hotel has changed BECAUSE a "computer/machine" can do it much faster! The need for the workers in that area are mainly to push the sheets/pillow cases through the machine and grab it after the machine folds it. I don't believe it's a far fetched idea that one day it won't even require a worker to place the sheets on the machine. Below is an image of the laundry facility in JW Marriott. 
                                                   photo by author

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