Wednesday, October 16, 2013


By sufiyanu momoh
The best architecture are really the ones that can past through the limits that matter the most and still be a stunning work of art. Free of mundane professional considerations like budgets, clients and zoning laws, these architects were able to produce works that were aesthetically inventive and piercing social commentaries. These are works that people can look at and not recognize the limits as part of the motives of the architecture.
Design should be able to work on its own and impacted only by factors that can impact design and space. unlike conventional designs that strive for architectural unity, theirs look fragmented and accidental: they splinter walls, unhinge corners and shift floors like so many tectonic plates. Uninterested in the 90-degree angle and parallel lines, they break a building into seemingly unrelated parts: walls don’t meet floors; door frames are distorted. Architecture should not be a design that could be completely defined before considering all necessary factors that would affect the design. It could be predicted but not defined.
Architects can look beyond the boundaries to do anything they want, the designers have turned what they see as the instability of our times into an architectural virtue. Architects should be spending more time thinking about breaking through designs than time being spent going through archives. History is definitely a major part of the occupation is then again it falls down to which history to be considered or not as a factor.

Architecture should be able to study the source of the factors deeply and then have the design work between the lines of the outcome of the sources. It has been several examples where these factors such as wind and light have been absorbs and used to amplify spaces turning it into something really amazing. Natural factors taken into consideration with change in time and other limits being considered as well and used to amplify spaces given the user of the space a whole new and different feeling every time the space is being used. This way the architecture does not only rely with the structure but how the factors taken into considerations interact with the space. Meaning architecture is not all about the physical structure we can see and touch but the feeling the user gets in the space. Architecture in most cases should be allowed to be freeform instead of the boxes and circles we put things in these days. It should be let to solve problems, react to limits and have the solution in the exact position where it works best to make the space a better place to be in and experience. With that being said the various solution should be able to be linked up together in a way they act as a whole system. Architects should be disturbed less about how to use walls to connect these solutions and just let them flow together. There is really nothing wrong in using walls and flat horizontal roofs but in most cases you find out that the solutions and results due to the various variables have been moved around so they can fit theses geometry that is the walls and the roofs. 

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