Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life of a Saluki Architecture Grad Student

By John Svast

Hello again readers!

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I have spent a good amount of time jibber jabbing about all sorts of neat things I get to do here at SIUC… but let me get down to the real meat N’ potatoes of what it takes to be a Saluki Graduate student… the wonderful and wooly bearded thesis monster!
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Here at SIUC, the world is your oyster!  You have so many opportunities to study what you are most interested in and we have some top notch professors that will help you carry that education football all the way to the finish line.  The most tried and true option we have here is to identify a problem and jump into it with both feet.  To solve this problem you do enough research to make a Billy goat puke and when you have gathered enough information (as if there was such a thing as enough) you transform that knowledge and research into some sort of built form.  Voila!   

But is it really that simple?   H-E-double hockey sticks no it isn’t!  The time it takes to do the research and the paper is pretty overwhelming, especially at the level your professors are asking you to achieve.
What is my thesis?  I’m happy you asked! 
I’m doing something a Lil’ different.  Instead of having a building at the end of my research rainbow I’m going full speed into Theory.  Here is an image of my thesis poster:
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I am really excited about studying this topic for my thesis.  How communication has worked on the urban fabric has changed since social media has become a thing.  This topic is fresh and new and unfolding before our very eyes as I’m typing this.  I really look forward to seeing what comes of this.  I’m sure I will be writing more about this as the semesters fly by but until then, Cheers.

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