Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lessons Learned So Far

By Alan Kirkwood

               It is a week prior to my presentation to my thesis committee and I am so busy preparing for it. I have spent much time over break reading, planning how I was going to attack this project, having interviews with people and just gathering any books I could that would help me along the way. Now that the semester has actually begun, I have seemed to slow down in regards to my thesis work due to the remainder of my course load. There has been a major change in my course work this semester. There has been a lot more reading and writing added to it. My architecture history class has a small amount of reading each week but my elective, sociology seminar: Human Sexuality, has been requiring me to read a book a week along with articles, analyze them and write about them. Despite the work, I have engaged in some very interesting conversations during class time.
                In planning for my committee meeting next week, I have struggled with scheduling a bit. I waited too long to go organize a set scheduled time with my different committee members resulting in me only being able to meet with two next week and having to wait to present to the other. At least my chair will be at the first meeting with one of the other members to give me a couple perspectives. So what to take from that situation is to not wait too long to organize your committee.
                The plan for this week is “Plan and Execution”… I will spend tonight planning my presentation, what will be included, how it will be laid out, what needs to be digital vs on paper, etc… I have begun by sketching on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper planning what my large board will look like based on all of the information I have gathered. Tomorrow I will begin the execution of how I putting together my presentation board. This weekend is going to be very busy, but I still have to find my balance of work and leisure.

                So the things I have taken away from this semester thus far are to manage my time better in entering this thesis work with my other courses, to plan early with my committee for meeting dates to help make finding times earlier and finally to plan your courses well in advance so that you do not take on more than you can handle because ultimately, your thesis work comes first.

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