Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thesis Case Studies

By Mazen Aziz

Case studies are very helpful for gathering information and ideas that can be referred to. This thesis has unique parameters but at the same time in specific cases there are a lot in common with other slums projects that can be studied and help with the design project proposal. Some of the common issues are pollution and disease in a large city.  One case study that would help a lot with this thesis is Kibera, Kenya. Kibera has similar issues and ideas that will suit this thesis. The most important aspect of this case study is that the amount of disease it has which make it so similar to Manshiet Nasser and also its location in the middle of the city.
Figure 1 Kibera pollution
Figure 2 Kibera Site
Kibera case study does in depth analysis of the surrounding area in multiple different ways: transportation, public spaces, green spaces, visual connections, public and meeting spaces. These factors will be offered and presented in this thesis project as well. Kibera project shows a great connection of building high-density housing with low cost to allow residents to afford it. Which is so similar to Manshiet Nasser since the residents are very poor; some work as garbage collectors with less than a 1$ per day income. 

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