Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break and Workload

By Alan Kirkwood

As one may possibly be able to see from some of the other blog posts, during this year's spring break some of the graduate students as well as undergrads went on a trip to the Dominican Republic for an Architectural Elective course to study abroad. I chose not to take the course but rather take a sociology class which in its own way has proven to be a rough decision in adding to my workload but at the same time it has been very helpful because it has been challenging me to new levels in my critical reading skills and teaching me how to read faster. So I have a love/hate relationship with that decision. 
During my break, I was able to get an internship at a local firm... Blessing in disguise... This has been a great experience for me in not only being able to see a bit how a small firm works first hand but also introducing me to what is ahead for me in the near future. I was able to do site observation as well as drafting in the office. It's also been eye reopening because I have not worked a full time shift in over 3 yrs while also having school work to do so it showed me, once again, you can handle a lot more at once than you think. 
Another blessing in disguise is that I was asked to work further beyond last week! I have the option of working up to forty hours a week if I would like for the next few weeks. This does add to my workload but has come at a great time along with the work experience. I will have to learn how to balance my time is all. Like I spoke of in an earlier blog, time management is key for this major. I will be balancing my thesis work, my G.A. Job, my classes and homework load, as well as my weekend job. So this semester just got tougher but it's nothing I can not handle. Key thing to keep in mind is, keep school and classes first. I am so close to being finished so I can't let distractions get in the way now!

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