Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Busy Busy Busy!

By: Megan Crider

I am so ready to graduate… Between school, work, and wedding planning I am ready for a break and maybe perhaps a little bit of free time.  I will say that staying busy helps the time go by fast, so that is good I suppose?
            Tonight I need to finish my charrette design for an Egyptian mosque for Global Traditions, and start to plan our refreshments and games for my bridal shower.  Before the weekend hits, I need to go to a fabric store to pick up sash material for my bridesmaids dresses.  This weekend I really need to finish assembling my structural project and presentation, also for Global Traditions…. (As a side-bar conversation, this structural project is another frustrating example of model-making for me.  I personally have never been a fan of making models for classes.  For one I feel that I am just not that good at it and something always seems to go wrong for me.  So far this current project is turning out alright except for a tiny but ever-present detail.  Laser cutting materials for models and projects is a God send…. However, for this structures project I am using craft plywood and not all of the pieces line up and fit 100% - ahhhhh the joys of working with precise and perfect softwares and technology and imperfect natural materials…. Anyway, enough about that.)  Oh I should probably finish my portion of our Professional Practice Business Plan, just to get that one out of the way.  Oh and I need to start really cranking on the research paper, again for Global Traditions.  And working on my thesis project would be helpful too!

            Sometime soon I need to finish making my bouquets and centerpieces for my wedding and finding or making any other décor.  Oh and figuring out what do to for hair and make-up might not be a bad idea…. Also jewelry would be nice…. Haha!  But hey, I have the dresses and the shoes are ordered! Hooray!  What a relief.  Almost there!!

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