Friday, April 1, 2016

Stuck in a Rut

By: Megan Crider
Lately I have found it difficult to make much progress on my thesis project.  Just like an author might experience “writer’s block,” I feel as if I am living the same scenario. 
            I have done some precedence studies and have conducted some research for my thesis book, so at least I am not sitting at ground zero.  I also have a strong concept for my project and a carefully chosen and positioned site, so I feel like I have developed a strong foundation for my project.  And that is the only concrete progress that I have thus far.  I have several figure-ground iterations for my site and have started a program of spaces, but I am unsure about most of it.  I am having a hard time making decisions and moving forward.  Decisions – that is where I need to adjust my focus.  If I can just begin to make some and then move forward then I feel like I can begin to make much more progress and be better positioned within my project.

            I feel like the next couple of weeks will be productive for me (they really need to be, anyway).  Over spring break I did a lot of wedding planning and organizing, so now hopefully my priorities outside of class will subside for a while allowing me to focus my time and energy more on my thesis.  I really need to discipline myself to make some decisions and to move forward with them.  The more I do now the less I will have to do later… Well maybe not “less,” perhaps I will be less stressed… That alone is worth it to me.  Time to get to work…

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