Sunday, March 27, 2011

Details of Taliesin

By Jessica Grafton

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin School of Architecture in Spring Green, WI is a vastly sprawled property that encompasses some of the most breathtaking views of prairie style living I’ve ever seen. The grounds are so peaceful and serene that you almost feel like you’re viewing the past; a simpler time where the rush of day to day doesn’t exist and you feel so calm in your surroundings. The natural landscape alone makes the place magical, but it’s the way Wright implements his design into the countryside that is undeniably genius.

The school itself is very small, not at all like a campus, and is laid out very intimately. It is also very secluded and houses the small student body as if it were a community of homes, rather than traditional student housing.
Among all the buildings scattered across the property, are the amazing little details that comprise the experience of Taliesin. Every corner and pathway is a photo waiting to happen. The statuary and gardens surrounding the buildings give character to the already beautiful scenery. It’s great to see such attention paid to every area you encounter there.

Wright’s vision is epically apparent at Taliesin and ties seamlessly with the natural world around it.

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