Thursday, March 24, 2011

SIU Facebook

By Vincenzo Burdi

It is that time of year to start thinking about your career after graduation. Where are you planning on ending up after SIU? Are you going back home? Will you move out of state? Would you be willing to work in a different city? These are all questions we face towards graduation, but some of us are still not prepared to deal with the future. Sometimes we just need a bit of exposure in order to get that dream job. Where can you showcase your work? Assuming you have your portfolio and resume finished, hop on Facebook and find "SIU Carbondale Architecture".

That's right SIUC Architecture is on Facebook. We wanted to link our architecture students with our alumni working in the field. It is a great place to post your own work, pictures, and start conversations within the Architecture Community at SIUC. Our alumni is frequently coming in asking about potential students looking for work. You can contact old friends, faculty, and SIU Architecture Alumni all through our brand new profile. Find us on Facebook at "SIU Carbondale Architecture" today!

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