Saturday, May 4, 2013

Final Blog

Final Blog
By Brad Hoepfner

This graduate program is flying by and it’s starting to become very scary with everyone trying to finish their thesis, update your portfolio and resume, and even start applying for jobs that could start really at any time. For my floating home thesis though, it seems to be going right on track and at a pace that I can handle. Over the past few months I have been playing around with the making of floor plans, sections, elevations, ect. that I really love and would want to live in myself, but attempting to keep it as light weight, affordable, and size effective is always proving to be a fun and challenging task.  The development of shading device that can also function as a high-wind shield for the glass facades is currently on the top of my list of things to complete. But soon, final decisions for the rest of the home will be set into place and trying to build the detailed full scale wall section. This will be an interesting task as well as creating a unique and fulfilling set of printed boards and putting long hours into rewriting the thesis paper itself. I starting to expect that free time will be part of my summer agenda. So please, wish our graduate students and I luck as we go into our final 3 months of school and prepare to enter the working world. 

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