Monday, May 13, 2013

The Final One

By: Megan Gebke
                Well the semester is quickly coming to an end and the stress is quickly piling up.  In August, this chapter of my life will have ended and that is when the real world begins.  Looking back on when I first started architecture school, I really had no idea what I was getting into.  I was just kind of like, “oh, I like to draw and design and I am really good at math.”  I never once thought about all the components that piece together to become architecture.  In my journey of schooling, I have learned what I am good at and what I can improve on.  People always ask what type of architecture I want to be in and unfortunately in this economy a college graduate cannot be picky on what his/her first job will be.  Anything architecture related I will be willing to do.  Another thing I noticed about architecture school was how much it changed me as a person.  You are constantly thinking about school and working on homework.  You count down how many available hours you have left to finish your studio project after you take out a certain number of hours for eating, showering, and maybe a small nap.  Being an architecture student is really like no other.  Your friends outside of your classmates think you are crazy and really have no idea what you actually do and how you can be working on a project that long.  I found an article I thought I would share called When you’re an Architect by Jody Brown.  It has a bullet point list of things that no one ever told them that when you are an architect this is how you feel.  Most of the points I can definitely agree with.  Hope you enjoy J 

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