Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Life of a Saluki Architecture Grad Student

By John Svast

Hello Readers!!
Last night, while slumbering the brief and wonderful sleep of a thousand sleeps that are allotted to an architecture student, I dreamed I was trekking up an enormous shifting paper mountain of books.  Each step I took was more perilous then the next and I tested the fate of my health and more importantly… my thesis… as I went on my non-fiction section adventure.  Under my feet the ground shook with the same voracious grumble as my stomach after I have been perch for an entirely too long stretch at my studio space.  The literature gave way and I plunged to my booky doom…. The rustle of pages subsided and the only thing that was to be seen was the faint smiles of the book authors spread across the many dust jacket covers, laughing in unison at yet another hapless victim…

One of those books is a wonderful piece of non-fiction called “Beyond Culture” by Edward T. Hall. 
Link to book provided
One fistful of information that I am finding to be exceptionally useful in life and thesis is something called Extension Transference.  The gist of this idea is that Extension Transference is the action of taking things inside of our minds and creating them in real life.  This doesn’t have to be physical objects like a baseball, a lamp, or a flux capacitor.  Extension Transference could also be your voice, language, written word, rules, and institutions.  Everything that makes up your culture is the result of extension transference.  The religion you practice, the rules you give to your children, the blog you are reading now are all forms of extension transference.
When you create something, you are adding to the cultural DNA hodgepodge of life… you are contributing to humanity. 
You are creating something, aren’t you?


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