Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It’s Nearing the End of the Semester…

By Kayla Fuller

It’s nearing the end of the semester… this being my final blog I would like to reflect upon my time at SIU. This week I had the opportunity to speak with some of the freshman in the architecture program, and it made me realize how much I have taken for granted. Our professors are one of the most valuable assets we have. Many of them have previous real world experience, providing them with valuable connections to pass on.  

                Freshman year is a valuable year, where you learn the basic skills required. A thorough understanding of space is necessary for design. In architecture we design spaces that effect the life of those who occupy it on a daily basis. Color theory is another important element with design. Color can enhance or destroy a space. It can create a range of feelings from happiness to fear. There is a great website that breaks it down for further understanding. Follow the link to further your understanding:  
 Of course there are other fundamental elements that are taught during your first year of architecture school, but I can’t give everything away.
                Sophomore year has a more technical influence. The first introduction to AutoCAD and Revit occur. Some of us were fortunate to have our first experience during high school, providing a slight advantage over the rest. Another extremely beneficial element about our program is how willing everyone is to help each other out. In the real world we are going to be each other’s competition, but while we are in school we should turn to each other for advice. I have received some of the most beneficial advice from my classmates. Many times this is from us spending massive amounts of time together, allowing us to have a better understanding of each other’s designs. I am not saying this to encourage you to only go to each other for help just because you may become frustrated with the advice from a professor. This does happen, but you must realize that if you cannot properly communicate your idea, then others will not understand. Definitely listen to others and do not allow yourself to become obsessed with an idea that may not be appropriate for the project, rather grow and adapt.
                Junior year was probably my most difficult year. During my undergraduate career, I managed to work two jobs averaging 36 hours a week while continuing to stay involved with on-campus activities. During this year there is more pressure to push ourselves to the best we can be. Structure and site development were definitely the most influential for this year.
                Finally senior year, the year everyone looks forward to because we are that much closer to the end of the tunnel….. kind of…. This year was the year everything came together. For our final project not only did we calculate and design the structure of our building but we also completed a lighting design. Although we gained valuable experience during our time at SIU, there are some areas I wish were expanded on. Numerous times I have been told how valuable it is to be able to complete an estimate. As a number lover, this is definitely something I hope to see incorporated in the future.
Well my time is soon coming to an end at SIU, I have enjoyed every minute of it. My advice to you is to push yourself every day and to never let yourself down.
                Wishing you all a great summer!!

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