Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy April!

By Meghan Shanahan

Happy April! We are officially in spring and the weather is beautiful here in Carbondale. My two cats are loving staying with me, especially at 4 AM when they decide to run all around the apartment playing, and running over me, while I am trying to sleep in my bed. But I am really excited to have then staying with me, they will be staying with me till April 23rd when I go for my friends wedding. Then only three more weeks after that and we walk for graduation and we have a month break before the eight-week summer semester.
            This weekend I am going home for Saturday and Sunday to celebrate Easter with my family. Then next weekend my mom is coming down to Carbondale to visit me here and do fun things in Carbondale. I am very excited for both of these weekends; I have so much going on in April. I still cannot believe that we are so close to walking for graduation, It is becoming so real, that is probably because I officially bought my graduation cap and gown today! We only have forty-four days left till we walk at graduation and only one hundred and twenty eight days will we are officially done and graduated! I cannot wait to move back to Chicago.
            But till then I am here in Carbondale, this week in graduate studio we are presenting our second presentation for our thesis. I present on Thursday this week and I am very excited to show my committee the progress of my work, from the last presentation I have doubled my footprint square footage changed my building from three stories to two stories. I have been working really hard and have developed a nicely laid out floor plan and a developed circulation plan to be able to accommodate the people who are trying to get from the first story parking/ drop-off areas to the second story emergency department.  The best solution that I have created so far was a separation of elevator cores that will allow you to access certain parts of the building. For example the ambulance bay would have it’s own private set of elevators that are not able to be accessed by someone who was heading to the emergency department waiting/ triage area. There are also elevators laid out proposed expansion of the structure. I really believe that this presentation will be good, I really hope my committee feels the same way I do.
Enjoy the beautiful weather and I will see you in two weeks.


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