Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Home Stretch

By Nick Bosman

At this time, the home stretch is underway. There is a little over two weeks left before the final review of this semester. Last week, I got to a more stable place with my floor plan of the stadium. This week, I will focus on the shell covering the stadium. I need to focus on the structure of the shell as well as how it will interact with the stadium structure. Also, dare I say it, put the structure part of the shell in Revit somehow. This will be a challenging task for sure. The shell itself is already in Revit, but I must form it in such a way where it shows the structure behind the shell.
            The shell will be thicker at the base of it and thinner at the top. This will allow it to support itself. It will be one big morphed waffle slab with a morphed structure geometry instead of rigid squares. The stadium, underneath the shell, will be this steel, rigid structure that meets the shell at the top. This idea came from the idea of the stadium emerging from underground with the ground surface (the shell) taking in the shape of the stadium.
            Other than the shell, I have the ramps still on my list to figure out. I am really striving to make them fit in with the overall concept but if I can’t, they will stick out like ramps usually do. They HAVE to be there either way. I would love to find a way for the ramps to accent the shell. I have researched ramps already existing and they range from regular rectangle ramps to circle ramps. There is not a whole lot of flexibility to these ramps and they always take up a great amount of space. One advantage that I have is that I realized the ramps were large from the start so I do have room for them, I just do not know how they are going to fit in yet.
            Once I get this project to a point where I can start making a presentation for it, I will start that. The presentation part should take up a couple days. That being said, my presentation in last review was put together in 3 days roughly. I would like to set aside more time than that for the final one.
            A little over two weeks left, at least of this semester! Let’s do this!


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