Monday, February 21, 2011


By Micah Jacobson

I was able to visit Chicago this week; it was my first time in the windy city. The city is filled with great architecture. I did not have very much time for site seeing, but was able to walk the streets and look at the giant buildings around me.

Being a pizza lover, I had to have some authentic Chicago deep dish pizza. After searching the web for the best place I went with Pizzeria Uno, the original Chicago deep dish. It was within walking distance from the hotel as well. It was delicious! The crust was thick and the cheese was amazingly stringy. When you got to the outside it tasted like pie crust.

One evening we had time and walked from our hotel to the Willis (Sears) tower. It was about a 2 mile walk. We walked past the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, designed by Frank Gehry. We continued on to Willis Tower and went up to the sky deck. It was great, standing over 1,300 feet above the city streets below. I it great think of the engineering that went into the steel structure of the building. It was designed as nine tubes, terminating at different elevations.

One of my favorite buildings is the Chicago Tribune building. It is a gothic style sky scraper, with flying buttresses at the top. I was not able to make it to the John Hancock building or the Monadnock building. It would have been nice to stay for longer and see more of the city. I am very interested in the history and engineering that created the modern marvels that came from it.

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