Sunday, February 20, 2011


By Rhonda C Daugherty

The investigation of phenomenology of the sense can only be explain through understanding the actuality of how people experience space while using the senses. For example, Professor Anton talks about sound, sight, and touch as how one perceives space through these senses. Touch as an element that cannot be separated from its source unless the mind uses the eyes to interpret the texture; but it is only through phenomena that we understand why something feels as it does in the first place ( as you touch you are experiencing texture in that instant). Yet vision and sound works differently, Anton uses the example about being in a night club and the listening to the comedian when the waitress steps in front of him. He then notices that although his view becomes obstructed, the sound remains the same. The phenomena of the waitress obscuring his view and yet sound having a completely different affect is how the design thesis investigates and understands the phenomena of the senses.

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