Monday, February 28, 2011

Layered Urbanism

By Rhonda Daugherty

The design thesis location will be in Chicago, Illinois and attached to the Field Museum. Some site consideration is noise, traffic, natural elements. The location begins to investigate the idea of natures meaning with urbanism. Lake Michigan is this beautiful element that allow the mind to feel itself and then there is downtown Chicago; a beautiful, majestic city that has structure, along with cultural and artistic developments. The implication, that a phenomenological museum will enhance the conceptual thinkers and tourists, is very conceivable.

In layered Urbanism, the author composed several sites that investigated a number of problematic elements that was involved in the design of different sites. The Brooklyn site was a design of a stadium by Frank Gehry (Pasquarelli, 2008). The community was concerned about there input in the design process (Pasquarelli, 2008). The community was asked to investigate the problems and concerns involving the design of the site and its location (Pasquarelli, 2008). The students then had to sort through all the documentation and began to make design decisions based off the data observed. The class began to take a Formative Scenario Analysis approach to the data. Their was the case or subject (stadium) then the problems, from the architect, community, and owners (Pasquarelli, 2008). Next the problems went through a Synthesis process and the solution began to reveal itself.

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