Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Architecture Defines us

By Chase Masters

For this 9th blog I wanted to talk about something that I believe and wanted to share.  That architecture is one of the most distinguishing characteristic that defines a culture.  With that thought we got to think about what people would look back at us and what would define us most, the style of architecture that we left behind.
                  With all of the ancient civilizations the different style of pyramids, temples, and city planning has left a giant footprint.  With this we could learn how they used these buildings that remained and how their lives revolved around religion, or government, or different lifestyles.  This is shown with the Egyptians and the pyramids how they had treasured the afterlife and the pharaohs where the ones allowed having their riches buried with them as well as having great buildings for their graves.  The Aztecs and Mayans worshiped gods and thus had temples as their important buildings with large pyramids to illustrate this.  The ancient Grease architecture shows a lot about the lifestyle of their people with their temples and civic buildings, and as well as their homes to show how they spent their leisure hours and enjoyed being surrounded by nature and water.  This is also shown with the Romans, how they enjoyed entertainment with the circus and amphitheater.
                  The different types of architecture catch the culture from that era in the buildings and this shows future generations how things used to be, what was important during this period.  With this being said what will be the next style of architecture that we would want to capture our generation.  Would it leave a big impression on future generations? Or just fall to the curb.  Either way whatever we focus and try to improve today is what people would look back on in the future.

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