Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Central and Eastern Europe Part IV – Budapest, Hungary

By Ryan Kinports

Image 1:
I was consistently pleasantly surprised at the quality of airline food. They give you real silverware too!

Image 2:
My first night there I wanted to get my bearings and visit all of the “must see” attractions at night. This is the Széchenyi Chain Bridge spanning the Danube.

Image 3:
This is a view from the Budapest Citadel which overlooks the city. The citadel was used as a battery and command center by the Axis during the Siege of Budapest which saw at least 179,000 killed. Now it is a beautiful memorial, museum, and park.

Image 4:
This is the Hungarian Parliament Building which was completed in 1904. The excellent condition is both because of the relatively new construction and the thorough maintenance being conducted. It survived mostly in tact through the war while much of the surrounding real estate is only several decades old.
Image 5:
The Hungarian State Opera House is one of the best examples of architectural detail in Budapest. Much of the building is detailed and in excellent condition. It was opened in 1884 and has some of the best acoustics in the world.

Image 6:
The common theme of underground mass transit is present here as well. This is one aspect of urbanization that American cities sorely lack. The depth of these systems was impressive.
Image 7:
I use Trip Advisor to plan most of my activities while traveling and so far it has never lead my astray. At the time a shooting club was the number one “things to do” so I decided to go. At first it seemed odd as the range is in a basement but the staff and experience were outstanding.

Image 8:
I had a small layover in Istanbul on the way to the next blog destination. One day I will return for a longer visit.
All images courtesy Ryan Kinports.


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