Friday, January 22, 2016

A trip to Denevr

By: Alicia Luther

Welcome back from the holidays all! It has come to the time to where we really crack down on our thesis project. Over the break, I had the opportunity to travel to Denver. I decided to share some of the architecture that I saw on my trip. My intention of the trip was to check out the area to see if it was a potential location I would want to move to. As I was there, I noticed a lot of residential buildings being constructed and a few office buildings as well. There were a lot of unique buildings and some had amazing interiors.
            As soon as I landed at the Denver International Airport, I was already experiencing the wonderful architecture. The airport was one of the most interesting airports that I have personally experienced yet. As I was coming off the terminal, I thought the interior was awesome. To get from the terminal to the main baggage claim you had to take a train that made 3 stops until you arrived at the claim. However, it is the exterior that is truly incredible. The airport’s exterior has tall peaks that represent the snowcapped mountains. The peaks are a fabric that is held up my steel cables. Attached to the airport is a new extension, a Westin Hotel has been added to the end and it has a wave like shape that is unique.
            As I arrived to the city the Sports Authority Field immediately caught my eye. The stadium looks like a roller coaster from the exterior. The first stadium built there was said to be built for the Denver Bears baseball team and then became extended for the Bronco’s football stadium. Go Broncos!  That Mile High Stadium was then demolished and this one was built just 50’ from the original stadium. The project was a $400.7 million project and only seats 2 extra people than the originally stadium.

            While there, I experienced some of the night life and dining as well. One night we went to the Melting Pot and that was an old library converted into a restaurant. For night light I went to a club called The Church. This was and old church converted into a night club. The venue still had the old stained glass and with the high ceiling it made for an interesting venue. Also, I visited a place called Double Daughters. The interior took on an Alice and Wonderland feel. The railings were all made of axes and the color theme was a dark red.  If ever looking for a vacation destination I highly recommend Denver. 

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