Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Architectural Advance

By: Cole Hartke
            The advancements in the technologies in the world have a vast relation in the architecture and the limits they have. With the research in the process of my theses I have found that there are huge additives to create a self-sustainable resort. Some of the advancements involve energy producers and water filtration.
            With a self-sustainable resort power is a big issue to keep things running smoothly. Tidal energy is something that I want to explore for one of the energy producers when thinking about how the ocean, the power it has is never ending. Compared to solar power, which would only produce power during the daytime, the use of tidal energy would work all day and all night. The power produced would fluctuate because of the gravitational pull of the moon but it would be available at all times.
            Wind power is also a great option out on a costal area. The winds blowing over the oceans waves are very strong and on most occasions don’t slow down all too often. By strategically placing wind turbines as an addition to tidal devices the resort could function with no need to be attached to a main grid. Solar power would help but it requires more square footage to produce more power.
            Storage of all this energy is one problem that cannot be overlooked. By producing all the power of a building off a grid, producing and containing power is key. When dealing with the public failure is not an option because if you fail once then people wont be around to see you fail again. If one storage were to fail then a backup storage unit would be an excellent idea and also a must.
            In a state of emergency the power should not be relied on outside the protection of the resort. In storm conditions such as a hurricane there is no telling what freak accident that could happen to equipment out in the water or under it. When all else fails the use of fossil fuels may come into affect. This use is not the first action but merely just for emergencies.
            With all these energy strategies that I plan to put in use in this thesis I believe that the resort would run free and clear with no problems. The issues for the power may satisfy a few problems but there is a large list of problems to be solved from here on out.


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