Monday, February 8, 2016

A Little Island

By: Cole Hartke

The small island of the coast of Anguilla is the proposed site for my thesis, an island resort. life on Anguilla is somewhat strange compared to the way we live in the United States. They face for more diverse weather conditions and a different lifestyle in general.
The island is part of the extended British territories. Located to the east of the British Virgin Islands it is the eastern most part of the British territories. It has little influence from the surrounding lands such as south America which is located to the south thirty miles.
The weather is strange on this little island it is a hot humid land close to the equator. The precipitation on the island is very consistent averaging about eight inches of rain per month. Designing for this area one must be aware of the rainfall which happens about twice a week on average. Rotting and mold are big concerns with keeping the ventilation in check. Heat is another problem here because of its relation to the equator it tends to get very hot and stay hot for a long time. Keeping people cool and comfortable is a deciding factor.
The orientation of the island is east west, this means that the harsh waves and winds are split to the north and south side of the island. This is a good thing for the beaches that are located on the island. One main beach is facing the southern side and another is to the north. Placing a resort in between these two beaches is a great option because it is close to either side and the winds and waves wont disrupt the people staying there. Another advantage to the location of these beaches is that without the harsh waves there is less of a safety concern the people being taken under and pulled out to sea.

The way of life in this island very directly affects the makeup of my design and the potential of its survival. On the island of Anguilla there are three main resorts that are made possible by the airport located on the island. The airport has direct flight from Miami, New York, and from Europe. The airport keeps these resorts up and running by keeping a steady flow of transportation in to the island. The problem that I face is how to get people from the main island to the smaller island of Anguilla. One solution would be to take transportation by boat from the mainland and travel 13 miles to the of coast island. Another option would be to create a smaller airport that was fed from the mainland to get guests and supplies to the island and keep it running smooth.

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