Friday, February 12, 2016

My Experience

By: Kristina Shrestha

When I reached Carbondale after a long break, I was welcomed by beautiful Snowflakes with bone chilling cold breeze. Snow after a long gap triggered my ambivalent feelings making me happy and sad at the same moment.

It has been long time since we started thinking about our thesis. The Last summer we prepared ourselves for upcoming Thesis. We continued the same trend last semester too which led us to the official commencement of the Thesis this spring semester. Yes, we are almost at the end of our journey we started last summer. As change is constant, we were advised to rearrange our previous seating at our studio in order to allow students with similar Project or Thesis objectives seat together. Ultimately the new seating arrangement will allow students to discuss on similar topics. At one end of the Studio, students working on urban design project were located. Similarly, at the other end students working on Pre-fabricate projects were located. At remaining students who were working on Ecological buildings and other Projects were located at the mid-section of the Studio. I realized that new seating arrangement was really helpful in terms of class discussions.

In “Global Architecture” class, we did a small presentation about ourselves. It was interesting to see other classmates talk about themselves, their interests and their preferences.  In global architecture, we are studying about cognitive architecture which is one of the courses that amused me.  I had heard about Cognitive Science which studies human mind and its processes but Cognitive Architecture is definitely seems new to me. So far I know Cognitive architecture deals with how the people react with the built in environment and how architecture can influence human behavior. It would be interesting to research more on cognitive architecture so that it can be applied while designing quality spaces.

Similarly, in Professional Practice we are learning about leadership and we will study about the process of running a firm.  

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