Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Thesis Site Location

By:Patrick Szczecina

            The topic chosen for this week is to build off the thesis abstract that was written before, in this case I will be writing the location that I wish to use. The thesis that I have chosen is that of transformative architecture, which utilizes building movement (walls, rooms) to create new spaces. As I further propel my thesis project, the need for a location is apparent. The aspects that I look for in my location are as follows; A location that has a growing economy (therefore a younger work force), location near water and green spaces (or on), site near major city (if not in city), site that isn’t being used (not developed), a location that allow for future expansion.
            The first aspect of a location of a growing economy is for the reason for people to move to that location. The increase in population will demand more housing, therefore the project should fit into this. This also falls under the idea of an area that isn’t being used or is undeveloped. The reason for this is that this can further push the economical growth of the area. A new addition of housing allows for new developments in the area, which is another area that I looked for. These three ideas fall together in a sense where they all depend on each other and work off of each other. The need of a location with a growing economy will help the building function. If the building is designed in an area that isn’t developed and is located in a desirable space than it can help further grow the housing around. If the structure is successful, then future plans can be put into place to allow growth of a new sustainable neighborhood.  The following idea is that of near or on water, which is for the reason of property value and aesthetics. Living on water allows for views that wouldn’t be able to have if on the inner city. This allows for a harbor, water paths and a location on the water for other activities. Going along with the aspect of water, the area should be near a green space. If that is not possible the area should be able to accommodate a green space. The need for green space is very common. The ability for inner city living doesn’t allow for much green space nor water front space, while an area on the outskirt of the city allows for both of these ideas. With the location being on the outside of the city, it is still located near the node of work, which would be the inner city. The need for public transportation to these areas is vital. The ability to be able to walk or travel within a few minutes of work is desirable.
            After taking all these aspects into account, I have located four cities that meet the criteria. The cities consist of Seattle, Boston, Charlotte and Miami. The reason for all of these is that they are located near water, with spaces near that allow for economic growth and are on the rise on the rise in population and economy.

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