Monday, February 1, 2016

New Year, New Program? And Snow…

By: Megan Crider

We have now found ourselves back at school to begin the spring semester; the winter break went by quickly, as it always does.  The new year has brought with it some changes around the halls of Quigley.  Our director’s position has changed hands alongside the retirement of two faculty members.  It will be interesting to see how/what changes come about in the coming weeks and months….  Regardless, it has come time to really buckle-down and focus on our thesis projects.  We have made it to the final stretch of our education!  We just have to hang on for another few months.

            Southern Illinois was hit with a little bit of wintery weather last night.  I woke up this morning to about two-three inches of snow.  As is usually the case during these circumstances, SIU is the only school or college to be open all day, seemingly unaffected by the new weather conditions.  I figure that this is due largely in part to the majority of the students living on or immediately near campus, so the task of reaching classes is not too daunting.  For myself (a commuting student) however, this is not always the case… I made it without much difficulty today though so that may be a discussion for another time.  For now I am sitting in studio now while my fiancé enjoys a day off from his teaching duties at a local high school… Maybe it is the little kid in me, but I always welcomed a nice and relaxing snow day.  I knew we would have classes today on campus, but a part of me held out hope (and always does during the winter weather) that we might get just one snow day to enjoy.  Given what I just said however, I am kind of glad that we are here today…. Seeing as the semester began only yesterday, who wants to have a snow day on the second day of class? That seems like a bit of a waste… Looks like we will have to see what the coming weeks bring!

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