Friday, May 6, 2011

Crunch Time

Micah Jacobson

Architecture school is known for late/all nighters and endless time spent on design projects. That’s what I found out when I was researching architecture education. This semester is living up to the hype. In senior studio we are busy putting finishing touches on our buildings and getting our models complete. A mad dash for the laser cutter left some having to cut it the old fashion way, and as some argue, the best way. This experience is a new one for me, and much different from the College of Engineering I came from.

I used to prepare for tests, study homework and make sure I had all of the assignments turned in. If I had been caught up all semester this was no big deal. The education of an engineer is much more structured and is more based on individual assignments and tests. You are given a problem to see if you learned how to solve it. You get taught something specific, and then are tested on it.

I find that architecture school is much different. We are giving a problem, sometimes a very big problem, and then dive in with some direction and help. The answers are found, not given. I spend half my time figuring out what is going on, and the other half wondering if I am correct about my conclusions. It is an adventure that is for sure.

Having been educated using both methods I can say that both work, and result in students that can think and solve problems, but different kinds of problems. I think the nature of the professions require two ways of thinking and educating. I am thankful I have an opportunity to experience both.

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