Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nueva Esperanza School / al bordE

By Dustin Stoll

Architects: al bordE arquitectos – David Barragán & Pascual Gangotena
Location: El Cabuyal, Manabí, Ecuador
Collaborators: Xavier Mera, José Antonio Vivanco y Estefanía Jácome
Client: Felipe Gangotena, The Teacher
Contractor: al bordE arquitectos, Pascual Gangotena, volunteers and the community of El Cabuyal
Design Year: 2009
Construction Year: 2009
Project Area: 36 sqm

Most of the schools near the Puerto Cabuyal Community are rectangular shaped concrete structures with barred windows that make it look more like a jail than a school. That is the reason why this project is striving to solve not only immediate problems but to also produce long-term solutions.

It was very important to design the new space according to the principles of an active school. There was also a necessity to have the project closed with the natural environment nearby. The new space must be able to awaken the imagination, creativity, and desire of learning new things within the students, while not creating a feeling of repression.

The local community greatly influenced the design, construction methods, and materials of the new building. Materials include a timber basis above the foundation piles, bamboo walls, wood structure and a roof made of knitted straw scarf or “cade”. The main difference between this new structure and typical indigenous structures is the conceptual thought that has been applied to the design of the new structure.


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