Saturday, May 7, 2011


By Bhakti Shah

Last weekend my family and friends had visited Carbondale. We planned to visit a winery nearby Carbondale as we heard that the southern part of Illinois has very good wineries. So we chose to visit Blue Sky Winery, which is 15-20 miles away, on south side of Carbondale, in the Shawnee forest.

The drive to the winery was scenic and due to the recent light rain, the environment was fresh and soothing. We had arrived there by four that afternoon. We were more excited to see the process of making wine. As we approached, we came to know that the winery does not offer tours on weekends, but luckily one of the owners of the winery was so kind that he decided to give us the tour and showed us the entire process of wine making and information about different types of wines. Blue Sky Winery has around 8,000 rows of vineyards and a beautiful landscaped site of approximately 13 acres. After visiting the storage, laboratory and other areas of winery, we enjoyed the wine testing with different types of wines such as sweet, semi sweet, dry and semi-dry wines along with the freshly made bread and olive oil. The Blue Sky Winery also produces their own fresh olive oil.

The winery has a backdrop of beautiful lake, cascaded water fall and a serine lush green outdoor area for events. Well landscaped outdoor spaces and indoor suits provides an incomparable setting for a wide variety of events like weddings, corporate meetings, retirement parties, dinners & celebrations and gatherings of all kinds. Architecture of the winery is very unique with a Tuscany look. The winery also had a beautiful collection of old fashioned windmills and art pieces.

We had an amazing time at the winery and until now we never had a chance before to experience it!

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