Sunday, May 1, 2011

Experience to the Unseen

By Rhonda C Daugherty

Maurice Ponty defines human mechanism as a way to experience the phenomena of reality. The design thesis is exploring the human condition. More specifically, the element of how people use their senses in an education/ urban phenomena. The human condition is a individualistic social phenomena. The dasein, which was introduced by Martin Heidegger, is theory of the social phenomena. The idea behind sensory perception and social behavior conditions will intertwine with each other. How one explores, learns, and behave is social settings relates closely to how one is taught to behavior and initially how one is conditioned to behave. The idea behind learned behavior in phenomena is purely sensory. One visually see’s and then he or she will knowledge. Knowledge is learned and taught they way knowledge has always been learned and taught, according to Martin Heidegger. The consciousness of the learned behaviors, contributes to the notion of socialism.

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