Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Introduction of thesis

By Li Haoyang

Today I want to share with you guys about what I want to do with the research for the thesis.
Beijing have been the capital city of China for thousands years. It is the political and cultural center all the time. Beijing has the most density of population from ancient time until now. Especially this two decades economy increase rapidly, draw attention people from everyplace to here to get a better job. Make it more crowed then before. That leads to the compare of high density in downtown and low density in suburb. This is result the high cost of the house or apartment, bad traffic, and follow by the issues come from relationship between neighbors-they do not even know who is their neighbor. While the abnormal situation happened in downtown, the environment in suburb is looks normal, low population, low traffic, and low economy. By the government’s report shows that the rate of urbanization is 47%. A simple way to is to transfer people from downtown to live in suburb. It is not wisdom to mimic a new CBD in new site, a new life style should been built to design a friendly, welcome and easy work living environment.
Environmental pollution is the price of rapid economic development of China. Percentage of China’s land has faced the problems from air pollution. Beijing is one of the worst cities for pollution. Every morning, check the PM2.5 (short for particulate matter, particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter) before they go out for work, must be done by the citizens in Beijing. The element in the haze will cause people to have cancer. Surgical mask have sold out several times. If this situation keeps going, Chinese will kill themselves.
A new building should also think about the development in the future. It is necessary to do a high-rise to return the land back to nature and green building to save the energy until a new type of energy come out. 
High-rise does not mean the height only, it will come a question that how to deal with the vertical and high-level circulation. The buildings have different use: some need easy for the transportation, some need the privacy. The environment should comfort to the residents, costumers and affiliated servicers.
The people who work and live in the buildings will use a huge amount of energy. Beijing still uses masses amount of traditional energy sources. The more energy used, the more pollution will be produce. By mimic the natural environment way, like ant nest, decrease the amount from using traditional energy source. Use more nature light during the daytime. Keep comfortable temperatures inside the building when outside temperatures are cold or hot. Combining the goals of Green building, choosing the appropriate material and design to make the high-rise buildings “breathe” in the city, cleaning the environment.

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