Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review Week

By:  Ethan Brammeier

The time has finally come for our first review of the semester.  After doing months of research, I am quite content with the work I’ve created so far.  Although my thesis is far from done, I think I’m at a great starting point to move into the design phase of the project.  Throughout the rest of this blog I will share some of the research I’ve done on Assisted Living Facilities.
The first part of research I conducted was case studies.  Since my chosen site is in Nashville, Illinois, I wanted to study other assisted living facilities in Southern Illinois.  Out of the several I researched, there was one I had the opportunity to visit.  I was given a tour of Prairie Living Villa’s in Carbondale by Gary Hill several weeks ago.  Visiting this facility gave me a greater understanding of how an Assisted Living Facility should function.  I was shown every room in the facility which helped me in producing a building program of my own.  It was easy to see the relationships between the rooms seeing them first-hand.  Since I was there during the day, I also got to see how the residents lived in the environment.  Realizing the benefit of actually visiting a facility makes me want to visit several more during the semester. 
Since my thesis focuses on designing a Gold LEED Certified Assisted Living Facility, I’ve started to research the requirements and types of materials to use.  Designing a Gold LEED Certified Assisted Living Facility that will increase the quality of the building while staying within a close budget on a non-LEED facility will be hard to come by.  That’s why I am going to focus on the use of materials and systems in the building and worry less about the costs.  Many LEED certified buildings are designed for future savings.  Although they may cost more up front, they will end up saving more in the life-time of the building through clean energy and efficient systems.  
If you would like to see my entire presentation board; which includes a site analysis, site plan, site pictures, building program, case studies, materials, systems, and massing studies, click the link below.

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