Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day Presentations

By Meghan Shanahan

Well it has been a cold couple of days in Carbondale; we got a huge snowfall Sunday into Monday, which meant SNOW DAY for all of SIU! Though somehow I still manage to spend a little time in Quigley that day preparing for our first round of presentations for our thesis project. But this last weekend was very exciting for me. One of my best friends that I have know since 6th grade is getting married in April and over the weekend I went to her bridal shower. It was so much fun, plus I was able to go home to Chicago and see my parents.
            This week in thesis we are having our first presentation for our thesis, meeting with your chair and as many members that are available. Though I was pinned up and ready to present on Tuesday, my presentation was unfortunately moved to Thursday, so it gave others a chance to print and pin up since everything was closed on Monday. I am really excited to present I will be presenting two basic floor plans that differ in a two story emergency department to a three story emergency department. Truthfully, I found the three story emergency department more successful with the requirements that I need to have on each floor. But I am very interested to see the views of my committee and to hear their perspective about the proposals. Then I will be able to carry on to the next step of my design. I am very excited about my work with my thesis and I believe that it will be a very successful project by the end of the semester.
            I have also been keeping up on my countdowns to important things in my life/ college career. Exactly 86 days will we walk for graduation (May 16th, though we don’t officially graduate till August.) 170 days till I move back to my favorite city in the world, Chicago, plus I will also be done with graduate school and officially have my masters degree! There is so much happening for me in 2015 and I am so excited to do it all. Being home this last weekend really made me so excited to go back to Chicago and be back around my family. Though I am very excited to have my two cat’s come live with me after spring break, this way I have a little bit of home here with me in Carbondale. Thanks for reading. Meg

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