Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Skate Break: Art and Architecture

By Ryan Northcutt

When you think about art and architecture together, usually the first first thing that comes to mind are museums. As this is most common to think about these two subjects linked together, there are a few other ways that art and architecture are tied together. Both of these topics are very interesting in a non traditional sense as far as architecture goes. Much of architecture is very technical and is more of a strict design process that doesn't happen as often within the realm of art. But this is where there is a similarity. In fact, there are many architects out there who create art, and really this starts to dive deeply into theoretical architecture. I am not here to start talking about that, but I am arguing the case that art is very broad and doesnt really have any rules, but maybe it does? Either way these architects bring a hybrid art piece to the table. Much of the art pieces by architects are more of stylized technical renderings that express many qualities of architecture. Coming from this background of technical processes allows for a different thinking, but in the end after all the process, the finished piece is about a specific expression that was intended, which triggers thought and emotion by the viewer. If you look on a grand scale of architecture, we really dont notice that many buildings are expressions of art. The architect designs their building to become a form of expression and there are many ways that can go to trigger the emotions and thoughts of the view/user.

Now I cant speak for many people, but by this logic? where do you draw the line between art and architecture. In many ways some artist do what architects do, just in a more unorthodox way. So really we can call this grey area of people designers. But even in this grey area is a fine line between freedom and technicalities, which in the end divided architects and artist.

As I continue my thesis, I have talked to an artist about the architecture side of art. This has helped me understand artist and art, but in fact I really have learned that they arnt much different than use. For the most part, they are weird theoretical thinkers and speakers standing in the crowd saying things that no one person understands. This artist though has a history of dealing with spaces, as most artist do. This is an interesting concept because architects deal with space as well. As I talked to this artist, he described how he used to design spaces to his own needs, which is definitely against a lot of codes and other city ordinances. But in the end this space turned into a real life dream that captures emotions and provokes thought.

All in all I still cant divide art and architecture into two separate categories. There are many similarities that make them what they are. But with the differences they make them unique and different in many understandings. To leave one last thought, next time you visit a museum, think about who this space is for and who it was designed by, and really why the way it is.

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