Thursday, October 1, 2015

Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village

By Alicia Luthy

Hello everyone! This last Friday and Saturday I ventured to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play some baseball for their last weekend home before post season. Honestly, what better way to spend celebrating your birthday than Cardinal’s baseball? So for this week’s article I decided to write about Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village. Friday night I watched the game from inside the stadium and Saturday I watched the game from Ball Park Village. The atmosphere captured in both places is amazing!
I have now been to about four different stadiums for baseball and nothing feels the same as baseball at Busch Stadium. I have been to multiple games in different sections of the stadium and have never had a bad seat. The new stadium opened April 10th, 2006 with a St. Louis Cardinals vs. Milwaukee Brewers games. The fa├žade is constructed of brick and steel with arched openings for the main entrances. There are three main seating decks with a seating capacity of 46,700.  Another thing to note on is the amazing views from the stadium including the St. Louis skyline and the Gateway Arch. If you want to see the game experience in person then I highly recommend Busch Stadium, but if you want another amazing experience that replicates being at the game then Ballpark Village is your place.

Saturday was my first experience watching the game from inside Ballpark Village and not from the AT&T rooftop deck. The experience is similar to that of the stadium but it also differs quite a bit. Ballpark Village’s central space is a free place to go and watch the game and still be surrounded by hundreds of Cardinal’s fans. The village was built in 2014 and consists of multiple restaurants and bars.  They also have a rooftop deck that extends out to see the field known as the AT&T Rooftop deck. The rooftop seats include unlimited beverages and food. This Saturday we watched the game from the center of Ballpark Village. The space has multiple different screens on one wall and a large one in the center. The largest screen was playing the current Cardinal’s game. They played all of the music along with the stadium and created a great atmosphere to watch the game in. If you are looking for a great place to watch some post season baseball I recommend Busch Stadium or Ballpark Village. GO CARDINALS!!

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