Monday, October 5, 2015

Land Development

By Cole Hartke
The thought of land development is a great thing when talking about architecture we all have the desire to take something from nothing and make it something real. For me I love to take a piece of something that no one cares about and turn it into a work of art.
            With the current project in my studio we are developing a piece of land in Baltimore. This land is located in Baltimore Maryland. The exact location is part of Westport along the bay. Much of the land is under developed with just parking lots on it but it has a lot of potential.
            The location is unique because a major interstate runs along the top and side off the site. This aspect is good for how to get access to the area. Besides the interstate a light rail line runs the length of the site. When designing for access it allows for great opportunities.
            When developing land one must not lean to one side of a total view. Many things are also needed for the successful development. First adequate housing need to  be present for the base of consumer use, people live where it is quick access to what they need such as groceries and other essentials. But another thing that is a go getter is the effect on retail that is overlooked. Sure if you can go get a gallon of milk it is a good thing but if other needs off enjoyment as so many people love SHOPPING is a great American pastime. These retail shops should be widely accessible to the resident in the area. If the place to get a nice shirt was too far away then the business would fall through.
            The next aspect to look at is where people live they want to work. Business and office spaces should always be around, when the place you work is next to where you live then why not be there. It’s a real big selling point for most buyers.
            Beginning from the link between livings working environment many workers want lots of amenities around them. This includes restaurants, bars, and retail stores.
            Every worker has a lunch break so the need for acceptable restaurants are essential. When a person has a meeting then the courteous thin to do is to take them to dinner. A lot of business deals are made in these types of situations. Also all workers just want a nice place to go to eat and get away from the rigorous workday if only for a minute.
            Bars are a topic that is up in the air. Yes deals are made in them but it isn’t as classical as what a restraint is. The thin that people like about them in the business aspect is, people need a break. A scenario where you just get off work, you are tired and just want to wined out enjoy the rest of the day, where do you go? The bar. Deals are made in areas like this but really it serves as a place to kick back and live your life to the fullest.

            The use of retail in land development is a big factor. How can you get other people who do not live in the area to enjoy your site? Well the solution is shopping, all people like to shop it just depends of what they want to shop for. Sure when talking about gender women like lots of cloths. The limit of what is out there for retail clothing stores can go on. But to work for all pedestrians in the area it doesn’t work. These things need to be in the minds off the designer.

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