Friday, October 23, 2015

Poster for my thesis

          By Kristina Shrestha Hada
Hi! It has already been two weeks since I wrote here. Today, I am going to talk about my thesis and the poster. My thesis topic is sustainable Corporate Building. Sustainability is such a vast topic and it can be categorized in to different topics like Biomimicry, Energy efficient building, Passive solar architecture and the traditional vernacular architecture. I was especially enticed by the vernacular architecture. Vernacular architecture deals with climatic design as we can find many examples of buildings from different climates that provides comfortable living condition to its users. The buildings that are found in hot climates are entirely different from that of cold climate. The use of locally available materials also plays a key role in vernacular architecture. We can find the houses on the tropical regions which has extensive use of bamboos and timbers. There is provision of sufficient open spaces for comfort. Vernacular buildings has very less biological footprint and it takes minimal energy and resources to maintain it. For example: the traditional buildings of Nepal is made up of brick, timber, mud and stones. Stones are used in foundation, brick for the walls, timber for the floors and mud is used as the mortar to join the bricks. There is extensive use of local materials. When the building gets old and gets demolished, the materials like timber, mud, stone, and brick will have very minimal impact on environment. These traditional as well as modern techniques can be used in corporate building to make it sustainable.
I am trying to incorporate creative spaces in corporate building. The work space is considered as a very mundane place. Therefore, the purpose of my thesis would be to make creative work spaces which would motivate people to work. The traditional work spaces constraints the users which affects the efficiency of the company as a whole. If work spaces are creative and inspiring, then it would be possible to increase the efficiency of company. The creative work space would provide an opportunity to create a positive working environment. It would help employees to get self-motivated and creative in their work. My poster is about a traditional work space where an employee jumps in excitement, when he sees the creative spaces that has been created all over the world. The picture on the left most corner is an office which has a beautiful glazed skylight where the employees can see the beautiful colors of the tree outside. It gives the sense of bringing the outdoors inside. The picture in the second left shows that free plan of the workspace is helpful to the people working there as they have freedom to move around. The two pictures on the top right are the work spaces of google where we can see employees working in fancy offices which looks like a ship and the picture on the rightmost is google employees singing karaoke.
Therefore, creative workspace can inspire as well as motivate the employees so that they can enjoy their work and be more productive. Creative work space increases the capacity of employees and in long run is beneficial for the company.

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