Friday, October 2, 2015

Thesis Abstract

By Casey Bucher

            Every community has their own eyesore.  The home, neighborhood, or street that everyone talks about but nobody does anything about.  The aim for this thesis is a “Green and Blue Movement” of a neglected area such as the eyesores mentioned.  By creating this green and blue idea, the focus is set primarily on green sustainability and the environment, while also integrating the outdoors and natural lighting, ergo blue.  Producing a sustainable building and property, while also letting the clients enjoy the surrounding area through daylighting and views are the keys to making this a successful architectural thesis.
            The focus of this thesis is a residential renovation and urban landscaping plan to a run-down block in downtown St. Louis.  While focusing on a building’s historical significance and location, then transforming it into a livable and beautiful space for residents in an urban area.  Renovating an old worn-down building into a sustainable space that incorporates natural light as much as possible would provide both a challenge and a realistic situation that many architecture firms deal with.  Not only would a historical building be involved in this thesis proposal, but also the surrounding area.  Transforming the neighborhood block into a functional, livable village…for lack of a better term…from a blot area residents have avoided for years and years.

            By focusing on the main idea, Green and Blue Movement, this idea could be brought into fruition with great success.  The main goal is to create an environment and building that is made to last, while also figuring in the importance of bringing the outdoors in.  This green and blue combination is a challenging project that must been done flawlessly to achieve architecture gold…or maybe in some cases, platinum.

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