Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Breakdown my thesis

By: Casey Bucher

For this week’s blog, I wanted to breakdown my thesis research into a brief outline to help guide me for the thesis book writing process.

A Modern Addition to a Historic Landmark: Developing Community, Sustainability, & Design
Introduction of Project
            -  Revive
            Urban community setting
            -  Renovate
            Transform an older building into useful property
            -  Create
            a green environment and openness to the outdoors

Problems to Address
            -  Site and Context
            What area needs this development the most?
                        Is there a need for retail on this site?
            -  Cost
            Make this project affordable residential living
            -  Complete Building Renovation
                        Complexity of the Unknown Building Preservation
            -  Sustainability
            Making an existing building and site sustainable Creating an inviting environment
            -  Transportation
            What kind of existing transit is within walking distance?
                        Pedestrian and bicycle friendly?
                        Making downtown accessible and easy to get around
            - Architecture
                        Maintaining St. Louis character
Research - Primary
- Informative articles on sustainable design - Articles on historical renovations
Research - Secondary
- Casey Studies
- Articles on upcoming projects in downtown St. Louis

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