Thursday, December 3, 2015

Semester Discription

By: Andy Cunningham
How’s everyone doing this week? Hope you all had a good thanksgiving, and hopefully had some time to take a break from your work for a while and relax.
The end of the semester is upon us. Time for some late nights and probably a bit of last minute panic for some of you. I know for me, for the first time in the four years that I’ve been in school that I actually feel pretty good about where I’m at in the semester, and don’t feel to stressed. It’s a strange yet awesome feeling. I know what the stress is like though, and I just want to say even though that it sounds hard but to relax because trying to rush to get stuff done just increases your chances of forgetting things or messing something up. That happened to me junior year, I was rushing to put my board together at the end, and somehow forgot to put part of the project on the board. (It was a performing arts school that had a whole bunch of parts that were required and some stuff fell through the cracks). This year however the semester has gone pretty smooth, may it’s the fact that we are working in groups this semester and while we have our own building to do, it’s nice that there are site decisions that can be bounced around the group and it makes deciding on what to do a whole lot easier.
I also wanted to say that even though most of you have to build models to not necessarily rely on the technology that may be available. Yes the laser cutter is a great tool and can make model making a whole bunch easier. Don’t forget that there are multiple grade levels trying to get at it and only a limited times that it is open. One thing that I’m grateful for my community college professors is that they forced us to build by hand and not use the laser cutter, it’s nice because it gives you more freedom on when to build your model.
Lastly, I want to say that if you have time to go check out some presentations of the classes especially if it’s the class above you to get an idea of what you will be doing in the coming years and the quality that is going to be expected, and see some of the hopefully cool things that others in the program are doing.

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