Monday, December 14, 2015

Project Documentation

By: Andy Cunningham
What’s up everyone? Hopefully all your presentations went well. I know saw some pretty interesting looking projects as I was walking around the building this week. I know everyone is looking forward to winter break, I know I can’t wait for it to get here. Four weeks of relaxation and doing nothing sounds pretty phenomenal right now.
            This is the last blog post of the semester, and today I’m going to talk about making sure you document you projects. You’ve probably heard from all your professors throughout the years, but make sure that you save all your sketches, and AutoCAD and Revit files, so when it comes time to do your portfolio you have all the images that you’ll need, and it be good to put them all in one place to, to make it easier on you. Also make sure that you are taking good pictures of your models so that you can put them into your portfolio with minimal editing. A way to do this is when you are talking photographs of you models put them against a solid white of black background so that it easily blends in with the color of your pages, or it makes it easier to delete the image background. I’m telling you all this because when putting my portfolio together for grad school applications, there were a few projects form freshman and sophomore year that I wanted to use, and had to go through all my flash drives and my old computer trying to find them because I had absolutely no idea where they were. On top of that the picture that I had to retake some pictures of my models because they just weren’t good. Keeping track of everything you’ve done will make putting together a portfolio a lot less stressful and cut down on the time it takes to put it together.

            I hope everyone had fun this semester, and has a good winter break, and I will see you all again next semester.

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