Thursday, December 17, 2015

Updated Thesis Abstract

By: Hunter Wilson

            I am Hunter Wilson, a student currently studying in the Southern Illinois University Masters of Architecture program.  I began my education at Vincennes University located in my hometown of Vincennes, Indiana.  After receiving an Associate’s Degree in Architectural studies, I transferred to SIU where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree and still study today.
            The city of Carbondale has many positives.  It is the home to a large university that contains around 15,000 students.  It is at the center of the second largest metropolitan region in Illinois.  Carbondale also has an active community that has garnered many city awards.
            The university seems to be the central focus of Carbondale.  The university houses many students that are involved in the arts, whether academically or recreationally.  These students have the tools and spaces with which to drive their creativity on SIU’s campus.  However, there are few places in Carbondale for students to gather and exchange creativity.  Carbondale could greatly benefit from a creative arts district.
            This creative arts district will be in close proximity to the campus.  This makes it easier for students to attend the district.  The district will also house students.  These students will also have the chance to work within the district, possibly in exchange for living expenses. 
            A strong relationship with SIU will be key to the success of the creative arts district.  SIU has incentive to promote this type of project.  Students see local, off campus recreation as a large factor when determining where to attend school.  If Carbondale is equipped with a creative arts district that caters largely to students, then prospective student may be more inclined to attend SIU.
            Students will not only inhabit this district, but Carbondale’s local artists will as well.  Carbondale contains a strong local art community that also needs a gathering space.  This district will be able to cater to these local artists by providing gallery space and shops.  Students of the arts have much to learn from local artists, so this will be able to act as a learning/teaching space as well.  Local artists and students may have largely different views and lifestyles, so the merging of these two extremes is a key factor in determining the success of the district.
            Within this creative arts district will be a recording studio.  A main focus of this proposal will be the design development of the recording studio.  Subjects such as sound reverberation, studio equipment, and other acoustical properties will be explored and integrated.

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