Monday, April 11, 2011

Cairo, IL Project

By Tara D. Loughman

While working with the city of Cairo, our fall studio was to study urban design and the community. In the research, we were to look at the areas culture along with the spatial development of human settlement patterns. We acquired an awareness of the diversity of needs, values, behavioral norms, and social patterns that characterizes the different cultures, and the implications of this diversity for the societal roles and responsibilities for architects.

The Medical District of Cairo, IL relates to the city in many different ways. The district deals with a good majority of people and the elderly, including those at Daystar Nursing Home. The district will be able to help them participate with the rest of the community again. It will also provide many new activities for the seniors, along with the rest of Cairo. In the proposal, it will guarantee safer transportation and safety among the residents with the life alert and safety 24/7. In addition to the proposal, it will promote healthy living for all ages and provide a secure area in the community. Not only will a part of Cairo be rebuilt, but it also provides for more jobs. With all this said, the city of Cairo will be united and can start to be the city it once was.

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