Thursday, April 21, 2011

A House for Lady Gaga

By Dustin Stoll

During the fall studio of grad school, we were asked to complete a four week charrette. The project was to design a house for Lady Gaga. This was intended to be a very conceptual project, and to look at the idea of a house in a very different way. Below is a brief description of my design, followed by a few images.

One of the very distinctive characteristics of the Lady Gaga persona is this idea of not conforming to the ideals of modern day society and emphasizing one’s individuality. Lady Gaga rebels against and breaks through the metaphorical restraints that are set by the media and society’s elites of today. This [house] is a representation of how gaga spits in the face of conformity and puts her individuality right under the noses of those who oppose non-conformity and individuality.

Columbus Circle in NYC was chosen as the site, because of its great connectivity to all of Manhattan and also because of its close proximity to the elitist lifestyle that gaga rebels against. All of the site lines that are directed towards the circle allow for the [house] to be visible from great distances and frame the [house] amongst its conforming counter parts.

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