Sunday, April 17, 2011

Phenomenology: The New “Sustainable”

By Rhonda Daugherty

How do people understand space and what does space consist of? The phenomenological response to that question would first begin to interpret how the body perceives space. So, how does the body perceive the four walls, ceiling and floor around us? According to Ponty, the body perceives what is around us through rational of experiences while using our senses. With that, he doesn't just place all the emphasis on the human perceptions; he investigates the ideal of perceptions consciously, using several examples of the human rationale of spatial analysis and understanding. Ponty’s definition of phenomenology is generalized to the study of ‘essences’, then he goes on to say “the essences of perception, or the essences consciousness” (vii). The definition of the study of essences took on an ambiguous meaning, until the notion of consciousness and perception narrowed the ideal down to the individual phenomena which is subject to his or her experiences.

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